Essential Study Tips All Medical Students Can Benefit From

Published on 08/04/2020

Making it into medical school may feel like you’ve achieved it all, while it may be true for some there is still a lot that needs to be done in order to become a qualified doctor. One of the big steps that you need to get through is exams and tests. However do not feel discouraged or fearful, whether you’re only in your first year of medical school or in the final stretch, these essential studies tips are exactly what you need to help you get through them. Take a look at these strategies that will definitely help you throughout your degree.

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Essential Study Tips All Medical Students Can Benefit From

Consider A Study Group

Sometimes forming a study group is not always the most effective, however if you haven’t given it a try we highly recommend that you do. Study groups can be extremely beneficial, especially when reviewing clinical scenarios. Additionally, they are really helpful when you’re wanting to test each other on certain types of material. Follow these simple guidelines if you want to create the perfect group. Firstly, keep study groups to a maximum of four students, you don’t want to have too much of a crowd.  Avoid studying with people from your social group and lastly, build a study group with students who have similar goals to you.

Get A Hold Of Old Practice Tests

This study tip is very important. Most of the time, exam questions are repetitive from previous tests. They may be reworded but concepts and topics remain the same. The best advice you can take is by learning and understanding how these concepts appeared in previous exams, which will, therefore, help you familiarize yourself with the study material. So be sure to get your hands on as many old test papers as you can!

Use Visuals

This study tip is perfect for all the visual learners. Use as many opportunities as you can to take advantage of imagery. You dont need to be a professional artist to study for exams, this is more about visually presenting your study material in the best way possible to help you learn. Creating diagrams is very helpful to retain the information or you can use flashcards for different topics. Another great option is to use colour and highlighters when it comes to detailing study notes.

Create The Ideal Working Environment

When it comes to studying for exams, your surrounding and work environment is so important. You need to make sure you’re in a place away from any distractions. Whether you opt for a quiet place in the library or in a coffee shop, be sure you are truly able to study in the most effective way. Sometimes, it is also recommended to switch up your study locations as it may possibly help remember all the study material.

Improve Your Memory With Mnemonic Devices

For decades, medical students have trusted memory tools or mnemonic devices to help study for exams in the most successful way. Studies have further suggested that mnemonics help with learning larger amounts of information, especially when there are a variety of topics and concepts. Regardless if you want to create your own methods or techniques that have been tried and tested, this method can help retain information long-term. Which is exactly what you want as a medical student.