How To Cram Without Going Insane

Published on 11/27/2022

December has come. That entails apple cider, family, holiday decorations, and yes, you guessed it, finals. I’m among college students studying for an exam in a coffee shop. In an attempt to understand calculus, the girl across the room is going to rub a bald patch in her hair. The man in the nearby corner has just begun to giggle. He’s got a math book open as well. There are no amusing narrative problems; there is nothing funny about math. He might be going crazy.

Every successful student occasionally has to study for an exam. To avoid turning into that person who stands in the corner of the coffee shop laughing at arithmetic problems, we’ve provided you with seven steps to follow…

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How To Cram Without Going Insane


1. Gather All Your Study Materials

Be sure to bring all of your books and notes with you. You shouldn’t need your books at this point because you’ve made thorough notes. However, it couldn’t harm. Additionally, make sure you have a pencil or pen, a journal or legal pad, and anything else you might need. To study for an exam, just grab some paper and a pen.

2. Turn Off Your Social Media

Digital ADHD is social media. A cram session would be doomed like an elephant in a row boat. Kim Kardashian won’t tweet anything in the following 50 minutes to help you with your geometry grade, either. I swear. Take a vacation from texting, using Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Pinterest, and other sites to study for tests.

3. Turn On A Timer

Getting into a solid routine is key to cramming. You are more likely to drool on your test than pass it if you spend six hours studying nonstop. We advise a 50/50 division: 50 minutes of studying and 10 minutes of other activities. Exercise, sing, dance, sit still, or play soccer with the neighbor’s house cat during your break. You decide. then resume your work. You’ll be able to establish a rhythm by using a timer.

4. Turn On A Timer

Keep in mind that you are currently cramming. Any knowledge you gain here has a finite shelf life, so focus on the fundamentals. You are only learning the essential concepts and information. Concentrate your efforts on those topics because they are most likely to be covered on the test. Pay attention to headings, important figures, dates, equations, vocabulary words, and explanations of the main ideas. Sort the remainder.

5. Involve All Your Senses To Cram For An Exam

Only attempt this at home, be advised. If you do this in public, people could think you’re crazy. We are aware that you are just an excellent student. Talk to yourself, then. Talk aloud every important idea you read. Self-explanation is helpful. Make several hand gestures. If it helps, pace. Accentuate words with a silly sound. It’s better if you appear more insane. No, insane people do not have longer memories. However, the more senses and feelings that are engaged, the more you’ll remember.

6. Make Your Own Study Guide

You must create your own study guide if you plan to cram for a test, whether or not your teacher or professor provided one. This is by far the most effective technique to prepare for a test. Eighty percent of your effort will already be finished if you only create the guide. It does not need to be neat because you are cramming. You must be the only one who can read it. It’s like a shoe horn for knowledge when you write it out, read it as you go, and use all your senses.

7. Set Goals And Rewards As You Cram For An Exam

You want that treat?

You must complete your study guide by 10 o’clock in order to do so. You can’t have the Rocky Road until your study guide is finished, but you can’t eat too late since it causes strange dreams. You can keep on track with the help of deadlines and rewards. If you’d prefer, use a carrot, although I think mint chocolate chip to be more enticing. You know that having a personal goal for yourself will keep you moving without getting stuck because you are a great student.