Useful Tips To Stay Organized In College

Published on 01/29/2020
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Useful Tips To Stay Organized In College

It’s no secret that transitioning to college is a chaotic time. With the stress of balancing multiple classes, trying to keep up a social life, and staying healthy and fit, it can become overwhelming. The key to avoiding stressful circumstances is simply to stay organized. This will be different for everyone because is really a personal experience but it still relates to each one of us. You may be asking yourself where to even begin, but that’s why you have us here with a great list at your disposal


Keeping a calendar posted on your wall can be an excellent way to keep track of upcoming tests and plan out your study time. You can also post social events so you can see visually what you have coming up and how to manage your time efficiently. This is the best way not to forget any important plans you have coming up.

Check Your Syllabus

At the beginning of each semester, your lecturer will hand out a syllabus that outlines the plan for the year. This consists of weekly reading, regular quizzes and assignments, and final exams or papers. It’s important to look this over when you start classes but more importantly check back throughout the semester. This way you can be ahead of the curve and never fall behind in classwork.

Folders Are Crucial

Nobody likes loose-leaf papers and that’s why you need a folder, even multiple for each class! Separate your class assignment and notes by folder instead of having them all mixed. You may have up to 7 classes and if everything is jumbled up, you’ll surely get confused. This will also ensure that you won’t lose anything or ruin any of your assignments.

Color Coding

While folders are great you can get take it to the next level by separating classes by separate colored folders. If you wanna get extra fancy you can assign each class color and correspond the folder to your calendar. For example, if Social Psychology gets a green folder then any mention of it on your calendar will be in green. This way you can remember classes just by color! This will be extra useful for visual learners.