Packing Hacks For College Students

Published on 02/09/2020
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Packing Hacks For College Students

Summers over and its time to head back to school and that means getting all of your belongings to fit in your car. While there are so many useful lists for what to bring to college, how can a person find the space to fit it all?! Through our experience, we have gathered this list to share useful tips and tricks to make your return to school much easier.

Clothes On Hangers

Keeping your clothes on their hangers can save you a lot of time when you move in because you can just move them in your closet once you arrive. All you need to do is put a whole through a garbage bag and slip the clothes through the bag with the hanger sticking out.

Bedding Tricks

Packing your bedding can be simplified if you put the fitted sheet inside your pillowcase so everything is already together and ready to make your bed for your after move-in nap!

Plastic Bags

Pack your pillows and big jackets in plastic bags and squeeze as much air out as possible. This will help you utilize your space and move all your belongings efficiently!

Make Use of Your Extra Bags

If your moving bags and purses with you, these spaces are the perfect places to store small items instead of getting more boxes to do the job. You can fill your backpack with all your school supplies, or a purse with clothing and this way you can move everything with you.

Smart Moving

Once you have everything ready to go make sure you pack the car up smart and efficiently. Put heavier things on the bottom and go from there. Make sure anything delicate is on top and use your bedding as a cushion. The last thing we want is our items getting ruined in the moving process!

Don’t Overpack

While you may be inclined to bring your entire life with you, remember there are breaks and you will go home again. Not only that, but there are things you can get near your school and you don’t need to waste your space bringing with you from home. We promise they have your favorite shampoo and conditioner nearby!