Simple Ways To Make Your Home Office More Organized

Published on 05/03/2021

Working from home has become the norm and will definitely stay with us for a while. And even if five days in the office should be standard again, a well-equipped workplace at home is always a nice haven. Be it to find peace and quiet or simply to work on your own projects. Our tips and ideas for setting up a home office will help you reconcile your private life and office.

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Simple Ways To Make Your Home Office More Organized

Define Your Needs

Before you replace the couch with the desk, ask yourself what you really need and how you can best use the available space. How often do you work from home? Are you setting up your home office temporarily or should the workplace be a permanent solution that will become an integral part of your facility? Based on these framework conditions, you can on the one hand define a budget and on the other hand decide which priorities you want to set for your home office.

Find The Perfect Corner For Your Work Area

Ideally, you have your own office room. In a smaller apartment, however, a quiet corner in the living room is the workplace of choice. A hallway is also an option, provided the layout allows it. Think about which environment you prefer to work in. Should it be quiet or do you like to sit in the middle of the hustle and bustle? How are your workflows? Do you need rest for meetings or do you not want to get in the way with your partner? But one thing always applies: if possible, try to reserve the bedroom for sleeping. If you have to work in the bedroom, plan your workspace in such a way that you can neatly stow or put away as many utensils as possible after work. Thinking about work before going to sleep can really get the carousel going and make a restful sleep impossible.

Take Lights Into Account

The principle for the right lighting is: the less harsh contrasts, the easier it is for the eyes. Daylight falling from the side of your workplace is perfect. A dark corner or looking at a window will strain your eyes too much and tire you more quickly. If you sit with your back to the window, the window and outside area are reflected in the screen. Make sure that your study is well lit outside the home office area. Floor lamps on the side of the table provide indirect light and are easy on the eyes. Adjustable desk lamps, which you can adjust as you need them, are also ideal when you want to read something on paper.

Separate Working From Living

When setting up your home office, think about how you can create a visual boundary between living and working areas. Office furniture rarely looks particularly decorative. While classic room dividers or open shelves clearly separate the living areas, flowers are the perfect solution in small rooms. A few large plants in front of or next to the table do not interfere with your work and ensure that your workplace integrates organically into the living space. In addition, plants create good air and a homely atmosphere – the perfect solution for combining work and living